Laughter: the best medicine?

  title={Laughter: the best medicine?},
  author={Barbara A. Butler},
by Barbara Butler Oregon Institute o f Marine University. [] Key Result The room was packed and she had the audience laughing and learning for the entire 90-minute session. I have always used humor as a coping strategy and it was validating to learn that others actually promote this behavior, and that I haven't simply grown eccentric after 13 years of working in a remotely located one-person library.
Humor, laughter, learning, and health! A brief review.
Human emotions, such as anxiety, depression, fear, joy, and laughter, profoundly affect psychological and physiological processes. These emotions form a set of basic, evolved functions that are
Haha moments : applying brain research to technology design
The desired emotion design concept, presented in 5Rs model, was proposed in this monograph and was integrated with the emerging EEG-based Brain Computer Interfaces to provide a “three in one” system: real-time recording, instant feedback and effective intervention to lay more objective and reliable foundation for the implementation of the future technical artifacts.
Laughter as a specific means of physical recreation
VÝCHODISKA: Smich, fenomen doprovazejici lidskou spolecnost v průběhu jejiho historickeho vývoje, neni jen tělesným projevem veselosti. Smichem figuruje jako hlavni prostředek aktivit postavených na


An up-to-date, comprehensive synthesis of 30 years of research evidence on 15 psychophysiological benefits of humor and laughter with their implications for older adults is presented.
The biology of humor
An overview is presented of important issues having to do with relationships between humor and biology, including those having to do with the genetic origin of the sense of humor, physiology of
Is Laughter the Best Medicine? Humor, Laughter, and Physical Health
This article examines research evidence for the popular idea that humor and laughter have beneficial effects on physical health. Potential theoretical mechanisms for such effects are discussed first.
Sense of humor and physical health: Theoretical issues, recent findings, and future directions
This article provides an introduction to this special issue on sense of humor and physical health. It begins by discussing several dierent potential mechanisms by which humor and laughter may benefit
Is Laughter the Best Medicine?: A Study of the Effects of Humor on Perceived Pain and Affect of Humor on Perceived Pain and Affect
Halloween movies were viewed by two groups (humor and non-humor) and differences between groups were noted on measures of perceived pain and affect.
The respiratory components of mirthful laughter.
The active ingredients in humor: psycho physiological benefi
  • 2001
Is laughter the best medicine? A study of the effects of humor on perceived pain and affect. Activities
  • Adaptation and Aging,
  • 1986
Humor really is good for you 15 psychological and physiological benefi ts of humor
  • Humor really is good for you 15 psychological and physiological benefi ts of humor
  • 2001