Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic

  title={Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic},
  author={Henri Bergson}
formula, this time a general and complete one, for every real and possible method of comedy. Life presents itself to us as evolution in time and complexity in space. Regarded in time, it is the continuous evolution of a being ever growing older; it never goes backwards and never repeats anything. Considered in space, it exhibits certain coexisting elements so closely interdependent, so exclusively made for one another, that not one of them could, at the same time, belong to two different… 
On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Comedy for Life
Preamble, or, Concluding Digression According to rumour, at a performance of Aristophanes' Clouds, Socrates stood up in the audience and, mutely, pointed to himself. The mute gesture, the redirection
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The ongoing duel between realist and anti-realist tendencies in film theory usually positions the ideas of André Bazin unambiguously on the realist side. Whatever else we expect to find in his
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Abstract In this essay I attempt to unpack Andy Kaufman in his many manifestations, ultimately arguing that traditional notions of comedy cannot help us get at the root of what is going on here.
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and general in order to be able to be performed on a wide variety of new inputs. The inputs may be an inventory of notes based upon key, style, et cetera. (Pressing’s cognitive model calls this the
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At the center of Bergson’s philosophy, we find a basic dualism of mechanism and vitality that repeats itself in a variety of oppositions, such as discrete and continuous multiplicities, points and
Temporality and the torments of time.
  • L. Hinton
  • Psychology, Philosophy
    The Journal of analytical psychology
  • 2015
In this discussion, Stimulated by Freud's early writings, Lacan, Laplanche and their successors in particular have focussed extensively on time and psychoanalysis, and their views are a central point of this discussion.