Lattice solution model for order-disorder transitions in membranes and Langmuir monolayers.

  title={Lattice solution model for order-disorder transitions in membranes and Langmuir monolayers.},
  author={Henrique S Guidi and Vera Bohomoletz Henriques},
  journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics},
  volume={90 5-1},
Lipid monolayers and bilayers have been used as experimental models for the investigation of membrane thermal transitions. The main transition takes place near ambient temperatures for several lipids and reflects the order-disorder transition of lipid hydrocarbonic chains, which is accompanied by a surface density gap. Equivalence between the transitions in the two systems has been argued by several authors. The two-state statistical model adopted by numerous authors for different properties of… 
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Phase transitions in phospholipid monolayers: Statistical model at the pair approximation.

The previous MFA results are confirmed at the pair-approximation level, but a novel staggered phase, overlooked in the MFA analysis, was found when the condition ε_{wd}>1/2(ε_{ww}+ε_{dd}) is satisfied, whereε_{xy} represents the nearest-neighbor intermolecular interactions between single-site states x and y.

Generalized van der Waals theory for phase behavior of two-dimensional nematic liquid crystals: Phase ordering and the equation of state.

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The ferromagnetic version of the Blume-Emery-Griffiths model in the region of repulsive biquadratic couplings is considered on a Cayley tree of coordination z, reducing the statistical problem to the analysis of a two-dimensional nonlinear discrete map and the thermodynamic stability of the ferrimagnetic phase is confirmed.

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