Lattice and spin excitations in multiferroic h-YMnO3

  title={Lattice and spin excitations in multiferroic h-YMnO3},
  author={C. Toulouse and L. Chaix and J. Liu and Y. Gallais and M. Measson and A. Sacuto and L. Pinsard-Godart and F. Willaert and J. Brubach and P. Roy and S. Petit and V. Simonet and S. Brion and M. Cazayous},
We used Raman and terahertz spectroscopies to investigate lattice and magnetic excitations and their cross-coupling in the hexagonal YMnO3 multiferroic. Two phonon modes are strongly affected by the magnetic order. Magnon excitations have been identified thanks to comparison with neutron measurements and spin wave calculations but no electromagnon has been observed. In addition, we evidenced two additional Raman active peaks. We have compared this observation with the anti-crossing between… Expand

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