Lattice QCD Study for the Quark-Gluon Mixed Condensate g

  title={Lattice QCD Study for the Quark-Gluon Mixed Condensate g},
  author={Takumi Doi and Noriyoshi Ishii and Makoto Oka and Hideo Suganuma Tokyo Inst. Tech and Wako and Riken},
We study the quark-gluon mixed condensate g , which is another chiral order parameter, using the SU(3)c lattice QCD with the Kogut-Susskind(KS) fermion at the quenched level. We generate 100 gauge configurations on the 16^4 lattice with \beta = 6.0, and measure the mixed condensate at 16 points in each gauge configuration for each current-quark mass of m_q=21, 36, 52 MeV. From the 1600 data for each m_q, we find the ratio between the mixed condensate and the quark condensate, m_0^2 = g / \simeq… 

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