Lattice Performance of the Pep-ii High Energy Ring*


The High Energy Ring(HER) of PEP-II, an asymmetric B-factory, has been commissioned since June 1997. By the end of the last run, it has successfully stored the bearn up to 300mA -with a bearn-life time of a few hours. Its lattice was resilient and behaved remarkably well. Although we are still in an early stage of the commissioning, we will assess the status of the lattice qualitatively and identify improvements necessary in the near future by simulating the lattice in a way that is closely related to the operation and comparing the results with the measured data. Submitted to Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop, 20-25 October 1997, Frascati, Italy *Work supported by the Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC03-7GSF00515.

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