Lattice-Based Cryptography


In this chapter we describe some of the recent progress in lattice-based cryptography. Lattice-based cryptographic constructions hold a great promise for post-quantum cryptography, as they enjoy very strong security proofs based on worst-case hardness, relatively efficient implementations, as well as great simplicity. In addition, lattice-based cryptography is believed to be secure against quantum computers. Our focus here will be mainly on the practical aspects of lattice-based cryptography and less on the methods used to establish their security. For other surveys on the topic of lattice-based cryptography, see, e.g., [60, 36, 72, 51] and the lecture notes [50, 68]. The survey by Nguyen and Stern [60] also describes some applications of lattices in cryptanalysis, an important topic that we do not discuss here. Another useful resource is the book by Micciancio and Goldwasser [53], which also contains a wealth of information on the computational complexity aspects of lattice problems.

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