Latitudinal clines in the properties of a circadian pacemaker.

  title={Latitudinal clines in the properties of a circadian pacemaker.},
  author={Colin S. Pittendrigh and Takejiro Takamura},
  journal={Journal of biological rhythms},
  volume={4 2},
The circadian rhythm of eclosion activity and its pacemaker were analyzed in a series of latitudinal races of Drosophila auraria ranging from 34.2 degrees to 42.9 degrees N in Japan. The phase of the rhythm (psi EL) to the daily photoperiod (PP) changes as daylength is increased, and the slope of psi EL (PP) changes with latitude. Is is sufficiently greater in the north to cause a phase reversal of northern and southern races on long versus short photoperiods. This reversal is found in assays… CONTINUE READING

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