Latin America: The Region without Catalonia

  title={Latin America: The Region without Catalonia},
  author={Tomasz Rudowski and Piotr Sieniawski},
  journal={International Studies: Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal},
The aim of this article is to analyse the issue of “weak separatism” in Latin America as well as to give an answer to the question why there are no significant separatist movements in this region. The authors provide the definitions of separatism and secessionism as well as an explanation of these phenomena. Moreover, they present an overview of historical and contemporary separatist movements in Latin America. Based on Horowitz’s theory of ethnic separatism, the authors attempt to analyse the… 

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From Parlor to Politics: Catalan Romantic Nationalism as a Bourgeois Political Instrument

Most scholars of Catalan nationalism correctly trace the movement’s origins to the Romanticism. The 1833 publication of Boneventura-Carles Aribau’s poem, La Patria ( The Fatherland ), marked the

The Basques, the Catalans and Spain: Alternative Routes to Nationalist Mobilization

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  • History
    Atlanta medical and surgical journal
  • 1861
Secession, unlike divorce, with which it is sometimes compared, necessarily involves land, and typically, although not always, serious disputes about territorial rights. Edmund Burke’s famous adage

Double Talk: Bilingualism and the Politics of Ethnicity in Catalonia

Double Talk: Bilingualism and the Politics of Ethnicity in Catalonia. Kathryn A. Woolard. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1989. 183 pp. $29.50 (cloth

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El proyecto liberal catalán y los imperativos del doble patriotismo

Una de las paradojas fundamentales de la historia catalana del siglo XIX puede plantearse como sigue: la aparicion de los rudimentos de lo que sera una cultura distintiva se produce precisamente en

Análise e indexação da paisagem: o Arquivo Fotográfico Ilustrativo dos Trabalhos Geográficos de Campo do Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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Secession: A Comparative Analytical Framework

  • John R Wood
  • Political Science
    Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • 1981
Un large éventail de concepts et de pré-théories de diverses disciplines des sciences sociales et de sous-champs de science politique sont passés en revue pour établir un cadre d'analyse

Prawne aspekty secesji Katalonii

Artykuł porusza problematykę związaną z prawnymi uwarunkowaniami uzyskania przez Katalonię niepodległości oraz przybliża prawdopodobne skutki, jakie nastąpiłyby w wyniku realizacji takiego