Lateralization of response to social stimuli in fishes: A comparison between different methods and species

  title={Lateralization of response to social stimuli in fishes: A comparison between different methods and species},
  author={V. A. Sovrano and A. Bisazza and G. Vallortigara},
  journal={Physiology & Behavior},
  • V. A. Sovrano, A. Bisazza, G. Vallortigara
  • Published 2001
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Physiology & Behavior
  • We measured the time spent in monocular viewing during inspection of their own mirror images in females of three species of fish (Xenotoca eiseni, Gambusia holbrooki and Xenopoecilus sarasinorum) using a rectangular tank in which animals could observe their own reflections in two mirrors positioned along the major walls, and in females of five species of fish (X. eiseni, G. holbrooki, X. sarasinorum, Danio rerio and Gnatonemus petersii) using a quasi-circular tank in which fish could rotate… CONTINUE READING
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