Lateral violence in the perioperative setting.

  title={Lateral violence in the perioperative setting.},
  author={Lorraine Bigony and Tammy G Lipke and Ashley Lundberg and Carrie A McGraw and Gretchen L Pagac and Anne Rogers},
  journal={AORN journal},
  volume={89 4},
          688-96; quiz 697-700
Lateral violence is disruptive, bullying, intimidating, or unsettling behavior that occurs between nurses in the workplace. The perioperative setting fosters lateral violence because of the inherent stress of performing surgery; high patient acuity; a shortage of experienced personnel; work demands; and the restriction and isolation of the OR, which allows negative behaviors to be concealed more easily. Lateral violence affects nurses' health and well-being and their ability to care for… CONTINUE READING

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