Lateral patellar luxation in miniature horses.

  title={Lateral patellar luxation in miniature horses.},
  author={T A Engelbert and Lloyd P. Tate and Daniel C Richardson and E K Honor{\'e} and Emma Little},
  journal={Veterinary surgery : VS},
  volume={22 4},
Bilateral luxation of the patella in four Miniature Horses was corrected by a lateral release incision and medial imbrication of the parapatellar fascia to the tendon of the sartorius muscle. Before surgery, the four horses had a grade 3 to 4 lateral patellar luxation bilaterally and had difficulty walking. Trochlear ridge hypoplasia was evident on radiographs in each horse. Follow-up information varied from 11 months to 4 years after surgery. Three horses had no patellar luxation or lameness… CONTINUE READING

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