Lateral flow based immunobiosensors for detection of food contaminants.

  title={Lateral flow based immunobiosensors for detection of food contaminants.},
  author={Mohammad Javad Raeisossadati and Noor Mohammad Danesh and Fazlollah Borna and Mehrdad Gholamzad and Mohammad Ramezani and Khalil Abnous and Seyed Mohammad Taghdisi},
  journal={Biosensors & bioelectronics},
Safety of food is of great concern these days due to various contaminations including toxins, infectious agents and chemical contaminants. Therefore, there is a need to develop promising and user's friendly method to monitor food safety. Lateral flow tests are new, simple and rapid alternative for detection of food-borne pathogens compared with traditional methods. In this review article, we surveyed application of lateral flow biosensors in detection of different food contaminants and labels… CONTINUE READING

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