Lateral and Axial Signals Involved in Avian Somite Patterning: A Role for BMP4

  title={Lateral and Axial Signals Involved in Avian Somite Patterning: A Role for BMP4},
  author={O. Pourqui{\'e} and C. Fan and M. Coltey and E. Hirsinger and Y. Watanabe and C. Br{\'e}ant and P. Francis-West and P. Brickell and M. Tessier-Lavigne and N. M. Douarin},
  • O. Pourquié, C. Fan, +7 authors N. M. Douarin
  • Published 1996
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • In vertebrates, muscles of the limbs and body wall derive from the lateral compartment of the embryonic somites, and axial muscles derive from the medial compartment. Whereas the mechanisms that direct patterning of somites along the dorsoventral axis are beginning to be understood, little is known about the tissue interactions and signaling molecules that direct somite patterning along the mediolateral axis. We report the identification of a specific marker for the lateral somitic compartment… CONTINUE READING
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