Lateral-Extended (LatEx.) active for improvement of data retention time for sub 60nm DRAM era

  title={Lateral-Extended (LatEx.) active for improvement of data retention time for sub 60nm DRAM era},
  author={Sungsam Lee and JongChul Park and K. Lee and S. Jang and Junho Lee and H. Byun and Ilgweon Kim and Yongjin Choi and M. S. Shim and D. Song and Joosung Park and T. Lee and D. Shin and G. Jin and Kinam Kim},
  journal={ESSDERC 2007 - 37th European Solid State Device Research Conference},
A new active isolation structure, LatEx (lateral-extended) active, which exploits recess channel transistors, is proposed. By realizing the LatEx active, data retention time enhancement was successfully achieved in 60 nm technology node DRAM by virtue of reduced source/drain area and improved subthreshold slope due to decreased cross-sectional area of top trench profile and vertical bottom trench process. In this paper, LatEx active coupled with SRCAT is proved to be suitable for sub 60 nm DRAM… Expand

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Comparison of cell isolated BV characteristics (A) and body effects (B) between conventional active and LatEx
  • Symp. on VLSI Tech.,
  • 2005