Latent herpesvirus infection arms NK cells.

  title={Latent herpesvirus infection arms NK cells.},
  author={Douglas W White and Catherine R. Keppel and Stephanie E. Schneider and Tiffany A. Reese and James Coder and Jacqueline E Payton and Timothy J. Ley and Herbert W Virgin and Todd A Fehniger},
  volume={115 22},
Natural killer (NK) cells were identified by their ability to kill target cells without previous sensitization. However, without an antecedent "arming" event, NK cells can recognize, but are not equipped to kill, target cells. How NK cells become armed in vivo in healthy hosts is unclear. Because latent herpesviruses are highly prevalent and alter multiple aspects of host immunity, we hypothesized that latent herpesvirus infection would arm NK cells. Here we show that NK cells from mice… CONTINUE READING