Latent Space Physics: Towards Learning the Temporal Evolution of Fluid Flow

  title={Latent Space Physics: Towards Learning the Temporal Evolution of Fluid Flow},
  author={Steffen Wiewel and M. Becher and N. Th{\"u}rey},
  journal={Computer Graphics Forum},
  • Steffen Wiewel, M. Becher, N. Thürey
  • Published 2019
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Computer Graphics Forum
  • Our work explores methods for the data-driven inference of temporal evolutions of physical functions with deep learning techniques. [...] Key Method Key for arriving at a feasible algorithm is a technique for dimensionality reduction based on convolutional neural networks, as well as a special architecture for temporal prediction. We demonstrate that dense 3D+time functions of physics system can be predicted with neural networks, and we arrive at a neural-network based simulation algorithm with significant…Expand Abstract
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