Latency and activation in the control of TGF-beta.

  title={Latency and activation in the control of TGF-beta.},
  author={M H Barcellos-Hoff},
  journal={Journal of mammary gland biology and neoplasia},
  volume={1 4},
The biological activity of the transforming growth factor-beta's (TGF-beta) is tightly controlled by their persistance in the extracellular compartment as latent complexes. Each of the three mammalian isoform genes encodes a product that is cleaved intracellularly to form two polypeptides, each of which dimerizes. Mature TGF-beta, a 24 kD homodimer, is noncovalently associated with the 80 kD latency-associated peptide (LAP). LAP is a fundamental component of TGF-beta that is required for its… CONTINUE READING

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