Late management of secondarily grafted clefts.

  title={Late management of secondarily grafted clefts.},
  author={Paul J w Stoelinga and Piet E Haers and Rianne Leenen and R J Soubry and P. A. Blijdorp and Joseph Schoenaers},
  journal={International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery},
  volume={19 2},
34 patients (40 sides) received alveolo-palatal bone grafts for closure of the residual cleft, thus guiding a lateral incisor or canine into the arch. Long-term follow-up shows that in 41% of the patients uninterrupted arches were achieved with a normal relationship by orthodontic treatment only. 38% needed segmental osteotomies to eliminate the edentulous space, and in only 20% were bridges made to restore the dental arch. 9 (25%) patients still required a Le Fort I advancement osteotomy… CONTINUE READING

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