Late Pennsylvanian aridification on the southwestern margin of Gondwana (Paganzo Basin, NW Argentina): A regional expression of a global climate perturbation

  title={Late Pennsylvanian aridification on the southwestern margin of Gondwana (Paganzo Basin, NW Argentina): A regional expression of a global climate perturbation},
  author={Erik L. Gulbranson and Isabel P. Monta{\~n}ez and Neil J. Tabor and Carlos O. Limarino},
  journal={Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology},
Abstract Paleosols of the Paganzo Group preserve a shift from the cool climate of the glaciated high-latitudes of Gondwana to a long-term aridification punctuated by shorter-term fluctuations in moisture regime in the late Carboniferous. A quantitative reconstruction of paleoclimate inferred from the major element chemistry of paleosol horizons and the stable isotope geochemistry of soil-formed minerals and organic matter indicates that the climate varied substantially during deglaciation along… Expand

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