Late Onset Gynecomastia Associated with Oxandrolone Therapy in Adolescents with Short Stature

  title={Late Onset Gynecomastia Associated with Oxandrolone Therapy in Adolescents with Short Stature},
  author={Daniel C. Moore and Rogelio H. A. Ruvalcaba},
  journal={Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism},
  pages={249 - 254}
Thirty-three males who had received oxandrolone therapy for short stature were evaluated for gynecomastia which had its onset during or following completion of therapy. When compared with a group of treated boys who did not develop gynecomastia, mean duration of treatment was similar (3.3 v. 3.4 yr), and appeared to have no relationship to the appearance of gynecomastia. When compared with a group of normal untreated males with transient gynecomastia, the subjects' mean age (16.1 v. 13.6 yr… 

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Comparison of the endocrine profiles of nine men with pubertal macromastia with those of nine age-matched controls revealed no differences in plasma testosterone, estradiol, TeBGbinding capacity, or PRL concentration.

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It is concluded that oxandrolone treatment for 1 yr has no effect on adult height, and the use of an anabolic steroid such as ox androlone may still have value, as an increase in height velocity and an earlier onset of puberty may benefit short children suffering from psychological problems due to delay of growth and development.

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The data suggest that oxandrolone is useful in the prolonged treatment of uncomplicated short stature and is not associated with undesirable acceleration of skeletal maturation.

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It appears that either decreased adrenal production of androgens and/or increased conversion of dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate and delta 4-androstenedione to estrogens cause transient gynecomastia in adolescent boys.

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