Late Holocene Evolution of Landslides in the Frontal Part of the Magura Nappe: Hlavatá Ridge, Moravian-silesian Beskids

  • Tomáš Pánek, Veronika SMOLKOVÁ, +7 authors Antonín VAISHAR
  • Published 2010


Tomáš PÁNEK, Veronika SMOLKOVÁ, Jan HRADECKÝ, Karel ŠILHÁN LATE HOLOCENE EVOLUTION OF LANDSLIDES IN THE FRONTAL PART OF THE MAGURA NAPPE: HLAVATÁ RIDGE, MORAVIAN-SILESIAN BESKIDS (CZECH REPUBLIC) Frontal parts of nappes and overthrusts belong to the most exposed environments in the evolution of slope deformations. The frontal part of the Magura nappe… (More)


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