Last-Mile Logistics of Covid Vaccination - The Role of Health Care Organizations.

  title={Last-Mile Logistics of Covid Vaccination - The Role of Health Care Organizations.},
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A two-stage decision-support approach for improving sustainable last-mile cold chain logistics operations of COVID-19 vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a global health and humanitarian crisis that catastrophically affects many industries. To control the disease spread and restore normal lives, mass vaccination is

How Vaccine Ambivalence Can Lead People Who Inject Drugs to Decline COVID-19 Vaccination and Ways This Can Be Addressed: Qualitative Study

Why people who inject drugs decline free vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and how barriers to vaccination can potentially be addressed are explored and community-developed messages are needed in outreach efforts to explain the importance of vaccination.

Applying Lean principles to create a high throughput mass COVID-19 vaccination site

A high throughput COVID-19 vaccination site was created using Lean principles and tools and attained threefold–fourfold higher productivity and reliability of the vaccination process can be assured.

A System View to the Risks of COVID-19 Vaccination Projects

The global vaccination program provides hope for ending the present worldwide pandemic. Due to the current pandemic, COVID-19 vaccines must be delivered and administered to communities once supplies

Environmental friendly micro cold storage for last-mile Covid-19 vaccine logistics

The proposed novel micro cold storage aims to be silent, clean, mobile, without moving parts, and reliable for the last-mile vaccine logistics as a vaccine carrier to the remote rural areas.

A Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Trial for Early Breast Cancer is Impacted by COVID-19: Addressing Vaccination and Cancer Trials Through Education, Equity, and Outcomes

Vaccination education and public engagement are essential to overcome hesitancy, while equity of distribution is needed to address access and to reduce susceptibility to COVID-19, as the pandemic could continue to impact access to clinical trials and routine cancer treatment.

Challenges and Opportunities of Mass Vaccination Centers in COVID-19 Times: A Rapid Review of Literature

The current review answers to the urgency of organizing a mass vaccination center during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the most important organizational aspects that should be considered in the planning.