Last Exit from Vichy France: The Martinique Escape Route and the Ambiguities of Emigration*

  title={Last Exit from Vichy France: The Martinique Escape Route and the Ambiguities of Emigration*},
  author={Eric Jennings},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={289 - 324}
  • E. Jennings
  • Published 1 June 2002
  • Art
  • The Journal of Modern History
At the beginning of Tristes Tropiques, the famous anthropologist Claude LeviStrauss recalls being stranded in Marseilles in 1941, “already feeling like a potential concentration camp victim.”1 Armed with only an invitation from New York’s New School for Social Research, he “knew [he] must leave, but how?” Here, the ethnographer’s writings become terse, even cryptic: “from conversations in Marseilles, I learned that a boat was to leave soon for Martinique. . . . Finally I obtained my ticket on… 
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