Lassa virus infection of rhesus monkeys: pathogenesis and treatment with ribavirin.

  title={Lassa virus infection of rhesus monkeys: pathogenesis and treatment with ribavirin.},
  author={Peter B Jahrling and R. Hesse and Graham Eddy and Karl M. Johnson and R T Callis and Edward Stephen},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={141 5},
Rhesus monkeys were experimentally infected with Lassa virus to establish their suitability as a nonhuman primate model for the human disease and to test the protective efficacy of ribavirin, an antiviral drug. Six of 10 untreated control monkeys died after subcutaneous inoculation of 10(6.1) plaque-forming units of Lassa virus (strain Josiah). Infectivity titrations of tissue homogenates from the six dead monkeys indicated significant replication in all tissues tested except the central… CONTINUE READING
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