Lasing without inversion

  title={Lasing without inversion},
  author={Jordi Mompart and Ram{\'o}n Corbal{\'a}n},
  journal={Journal of Optics B-quantum and Semiclassical Optics},
This review paper is devoted to amplification and lasing without population inversion involving atomic transitions in gas media. We start by discussing the main motivation in inversionless lasing research, namely, the generation of short-wavelength laser light. Then, we review the basic physics of inversionless lasing in two-level and, eventually, in three- and multilevel atomic configurations. Finally, we summarize the current state of the art of LWI experiments and indicate the main… 

Lasing without population inversion in a four-level Y-type configuration in double quantum dot system

This work discusses lasing without inversion in Y-scheme in a double quantum dot nanostructure. This new type of lasing, which results from the quantum interference of spontaneous emission

Transient lasing without inversion

It has been known for two decades that coherence can yield lasing without inversion (LWI), which could be useful for making lasers at shorter wavelength. However, excitation of extreme ultraviolet

Enlargement of the inversionless lasing domain by using broad-area cavities

We investigate analytically and numerically the role of diffraction in the operation of a broad-area inversionless laser in a cascade three-level configuration. Through a linear stability analysis of

Population inversion and upconversion lasing via dynamical level crossing

We show that it is possible to achieve population inversion and upconversion lasing when a strong coherent field induces an exchange in the relative position of one dynamical Stark sublevel and a

Enhancement of the inversionless lasing domain in broad-area three-level systems

This study investigates enhancement of the inversionless lasing domain in broad-area three-level systems. Through a linear stability analysis of the trivial non-lasing solution and a numerical

Toward lasing without inversion in the ultraviolet regime: Doppler-free three-photon coherence effects in mercury vapor

Doppler-free three-photon coherence effects at a wavelength of 253.7 nm have been observed in thermal mercury vapor. The experimental results are compared to simulations based on a detailed

Inner-shell x-ray lasing without population inversion

A novel scheme to achieve cw x-ray lasing without population inversion involving inner-shell ionization is analyzed. In the small pumping regime, the absorption of the most abundant atoms/ions

Frequency up-conversion He-Ne laser without inversion

A scheme for obtaining up-conversion lasing without inversion in the visible range is proposed using a Doppler-broadened He-Ne mixture as active medium. We consider a cascade scheme (2s2↔2p2↔1s3)

Lasing without inversion based on magnetically assisted gain in coherently prepared cold atoms

we report here the work of obtaining with the construction of a ring cavity around a cloud of cold atoms having magnetically assisted gain [Phys. Rev. A 105, 023706 (2022)].

Laser amplification without population inversion on the D 1 line of the Cs atom with semiconductor diode lasers

The importance of lasing without inversion (LWI) in comparison with the use of nonlinear optical techniques and techniques based on high-intensity femtosecond light pulses to generate high-frequency



Propagation effects on lasing without population inversion

We study propagation effects on lasing without population inversion in a Doppler-broadened V-type three-level system. In particular, we focus our analysis on frequency up-conversion lasing without

Transverse profile effects on lasing without population inversion

We analyse the effects of a Gaussian transverse profile for the driving and laser fields on lasing without population inversion, in four different three-level schemes. We show that the lasing domains


We report a lasing without inversion ~LWI! experiment on the basis of coherent population trapping, realized in low-pressure cadmium vapor. A single-pass inversionless amplification by more than a

Lasing without inversion: realities and prospects

  • J. MompartR. Corbalán
  • Physics
    Iberoamerican Meeting of Optics and the Latin American Meeting of Optics, Lasers and Their Applications
  • 1999
We review amplification and lasing without inversion (AWI and LWI) in homogeneously broadened closed three-level systems in the framework of both density-matrix and quantum- jump formalisms. With the

Giant pulse lasing in three-level systems

We propose an alternative method to Q switching for generating giant pulses of laser light in three-level media. This mehod is based on the presence of an external coherent field driving one

Laser oscillation without population inversion in a sodium atomic beam.

Continuous wave (cw) amplification and laser oscillation without population inversion have been observed for the first time in a L scheme within the sodiumD1 line. This is also the first

Laser action below threshold inversion due to coherent population trapping

The possibility of ‘lasing without inversion’ on the 1079.8 nm line of a HeNe laser is investigated. It is shown that a modified double-Λ scheme can be realized by use of the 877.9 nm line for

Atomic coherence effects within the sodium D1 line: Lasing without inversion via population trapping.

  • FryLi Zhu
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1993
Atomic coherence effects within the sodium ${\mathit{D}}_{1}$ line are shown to lead to the suppression of optical pumping, to the switching of light on and off when the coherence effects are turned