Lasers in endodontics: a review.

  title={Lasers in endodontics: a review.},
  author={Yuichi Kimura and Petra Wilder-Smith and Koukichi Matsumoto},
  journal={International endodontic journal},
  volume={33 3},
Since the development of the ruby laser by Maiman in 1960 and the application of the laser for endodontics by Weichman in 1971, a variety of papers on potential applications for lasers in endodontics have been published. The purpose of this paper is to summarize laser applications in endodontics, including their use in pulp diagnosis, dentinal hypersensitivity, pulp capping and pulpotomy, sterilization of root canals, root canal shaping and obturation and apicectomy. The effects of laser on… CONTINUE READING


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