Laser-triggered high-voltage plasma switching with diffractive optics.

  title={Laser-triggered high-voltage plasma switching with diffractive optics.},
  author={Margareta Ekberg and A. Sunesson and Mikael Bergkvist and Anders Gustavsson and Johanna Isberg and Hans Bernhoff and P. Skytt and J{\"o}rgen Bengtsson and Sverker H{\aa}rd and Marcus Larsson},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={40 16},
High-power lasers can be used to induce ionization of gases and thereby enable rapid triggering of electrical discharge devices, potentially faster than any devices based on mechanical or solid-state switching. With diffractive optical elements (DOEs) the laser light can conveniently be directed to positions within the gas so that an electrical discharge between two high-voltage electrodes is triggered reliably and rapidly. Here we report on two different types of DOE used for creating an… CONTINUE READING

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