Laser treatment of tumors of the papilla of Vater.

  title={Laser treatment of tumors of the papilla of Vater.},
  author={R. F. Lambert and Thierry Ponchon and Annick Chavaillon and Françoise Berger},
  volume={20 Suppl 1},
Tumors of the papilla of Vater, should be separated from periampullary tumors. They are not always malignant, and recent data from endoscopy series, and pathology studies, supports the adenoma-carcinoma sequence at this level. Adenomas are tubular or villous and are classified according to the degree of dysplasia. The endoscopic pattern separates exophytic tumors, sessile and easily detected, from intracanalar tumors usually detected after sphincterotomy. The malignancy of an exophytic tumor is… CONTINUE READING