Laser therapy for multiple biliary papillomatosis via choledochoscopy.


BACKGROUND Multiple biliary papillomatosis is a rare tumour of the biliary tract but is capable of multicentric malignant transformation. The complete removal of these tumours is difficult because it involves a field change of the biliary tract. METHODS Exploration with choledochoscopy is a prerequisite for thorough assessment of the extent of involvement. Incorporation of laser ablation via a laser-delivering fibre with choledochoscopy permits complete removal of the tumour. RESULTS Repeated laser therapy via choledochoscopy through the T-tube tract enables complete ablation of the tumour which changes the outlook of the prognosis. This is confirmed on subsequent cholangiography. CONCLUSIONS Laser therapy via choledochoscopy is a satisfactory mode of treatment for multiple biliary papillomatosis. It enables complete and precise ablation of the tumour which certainly changes the prognosis of this condition.

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