Laser therapy for breast cancer: MR imaging and histopathologic correlation.

  title={Laser therapy for breast cancer: MR imaging and histopathologic correlation.},
  author={Hameed Mumtaz and Margaret A. Hall-Craggs and Andrew Charles Wotherspoon and M. Paley and Giovanni A. Buonaccorsi and Zahir Amin and I E Wilkinson and Mark W Kissin and Tracy Davidson and Irving Taylor and Stephen G. Bown},
  volume={200 3},
PURPOSE To investigate magnetic resonance (MR) imaging guidance of interstitial laser photocoagulation to treat primary breast cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty female patients with symptomatic breast cancers diagnosed at cytologic examination underwent interstitial laser photocoagulation by means of a single fiber prior to surgical excision. Gadolinium-enhanced T1-weighted three-dimensional fast low-angle shot (FLASH) MR imaging was performed before and after laser therapy (median, 48… CONTINUE READING
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