Laser surface alloying of steel with TiC

  title={Laser surface alloying of steel with TiC},
  author={Shmuel Ariely and Jiaqi Shen and Menachem Bamberger and F. Dausiger and Helmut Dipl.-Ing. H{\"u}gel},
Abstract The surface of an AISI 1045 steel was laser alloyed with TiC powder, a CO 2 laser of 2.5 kW maximum power being used. Optimal laser and powder feed parameters were established. The microstructure was investigated metallographically. The surface hardness was found to have increased, mainly by the presence of undissolved TiC particles. Some of the particles had partially melted during the passage through the laser beam and had resolidified, forming small and fine dendrites. Phase… CONTINUE READING