Laser shaping of composite cartilage grafts.

  title={Laser shaping of composite cartilage grafts.},
  author={Emmanuel S. Helidonis and Emil N. Sobol and G Kavvalos and John G. Bizakis and Panagiotis N Christodoulou and George Velegrakis and John V Segas and V. V. Bagratashvili},
  journal={American journal of otolaryngology},
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INTRODUCTION The restoration of malformations of different etiology in the head and neck area continue to be a problem to the reconstructive surgeon. Many of these problems are created by the destruction of cartilage. The success of the reconstructive effort very often depends on the selection of a composite cartilage graft of proper size, shape, and thickness, which has to replace the missing cartilage. Despite the best of surgeon's intentions, the postoperative result is not always… CONTINUE READING