Laser scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy: an overview.

  title={Laser scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy: an overview.},
  author={Zeno F{\"o}ldes-Papp and Ulrike Demel and Gernot P. Tilz},
  journal={International immunopharmacology},
  volume={3 13-14},
Innovative and important aspects of laser scanning confocal fluorescence imaging (LSCFI) are presented here as a general overview. We have described and discussed the technology of the procedure in some detail. We also report some of our original work with transmembranous uptake of 5S gamma-globulin on living human leukocytes as an example of one specific application of LSCFI. These original data and results are presented, as well as citing other uses and applications, to show the power of… CONTINUE READING