Laser-induced transient magnons in Sr3Ir2O7 throughout the Brillouin zone

  title={Laser-induced transient magnons in Sr3Ir2O7 throughout the Brillouin zone},
  author={D. G. Mazzone and D. Meyers and Yue Cao and James G. Vale and Cameron D Dashwood and Youguo Shi and Andrew J A James and Neil J Robinson and Jiaqi Lin and V. Thampy and Yoshikazu Tanaka and Allan S. Johnson and Hu Miao and Ruitang Wang and T. Assefa and Jungho Kim and Diego M Casa and Roman Mankowsky and Diling Zhu and Roberto Alonso-Mori and Sanghoon Song and Hasan Yavas and Tetsuo Katayama and Makina Yabashi and Yuya Kubota and Shigeki Owada and Jian Liu and Junji Yang and Robert Konik and Ian K. Robinson and John P. Hill and Desmond F McMorrow and Michael F{\"o}rst and Simon Wall and Xuerong Liu and Mark P. M. Dean},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences},
Significance Ultrafast manipulation of magnetic states holds great promise for progress in our understanding of new quantum states and technical applications, but our current knowledge of transient magnetism is very limited. Our work elucidates the nature of transient magnetism in gapped antiferromagnets using Sr3Ir2O7 as a model material. We find that transient magnetic fluctuations are trapped throughout the entire Brillouin zone while remaining present beyond the time that is required to… Expand
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