Laser-induced THz magnetism of antiferromagnetic CoF2

  title={Laser-induced THz magnetism of antiferromagnetic CoF2},
  author={Ferdinando Formisano and Roman M. Dubrovin and Roman V. Pisarev and A M Kalashnikova and Alexey V. Kimel},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter},
Excitation, detection, and control of coherent THz magnetic excitation in antiferromagnets are challenging problems that can be addressed using ever shorter laser pulses. We study experimentally excitation of magnetic dynamics at THz frequencies in an antiferromagnetic insulator CoF2 by sub-10 fs laser pulses. Time-resolved pump-probe polarimetric measurements at different temperatures and probe polarizations reveal laser-induced transient circular birefringence oscillating at the frequency of… 

Ultrafast coherent THz lattice dynamics coupled to spins in a van der Waals antiferromagnetic flake

F. Mertens, D. Mönkebüscher, E. Coronado, S. Mañas-Valero, C. Boix-Constant, A. Bonanni, M. Matzer, R. Adhikari, A. M. Kalashnikova, D. Bossini, 1, a) and M. Cinchetti Department of Physics, TU