Laser in treatment of lung cancer.

  title={Laser in treatment of lung cancer.},
  author={Arthur F. Gelb and Joel D Epstein},
  volume={86 5},
We performed treatments with a Nd-YAG laser in 27 patients (19 men) with a mean age (+/- 1 SD) of 63 +/- 15 years for incomplete obstruction of the tracheobronchial tree due to non-oat cell malignant neoplasm associated with cough, dyspnea, hemoptysis, or unresolved atelectasis or pneumonia. Sixteen patients had been previously treated with surgery, chemotherapy, or irradiation. Before surgery,, their mean values were as follows: Karnofsky score, 41 +/- 15 percent; British Medical Research… CONTINUE READING


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