Laser fusion experimental reactor LIFT based on fast ignition and the issue

  title={Laser fusion experimental reactor LIFT based on fast ignition and the issue},
  author={Takayoshi Norimatsu and Yasuji Kozaki and Hiroshi Shiraga and Hisanori Fujita and Kunihiko Okano and Hiroshi Azech},
  journal={CLEO: 2013},
A conceptual design for a laser fusion experimental reactor (LIFT) based on fast ignition and the construction scenario are discussed. The LIFT project consists of 3 phases to 1) demonstrate repetitive fusion burns, 2) generation of electric power and 3) production of tritium and material test, respectively. The critical issues in each phase are tumbling of an injected target and dumping of stirred laser beams in the phase 1, safety in the phase 2 and life of final optics in the phase 3. 
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Conceptual design and issues of the laser inertial fusion test (LIFT) reactor—targets and chamber systems

The conceptual design of an experimental laser fusion plant known as the laser inertial fusion test (LIFT) reactor is presented, which aims at technically connecting a single-shot experiment and a commercial power plant.



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