Laser fluorometric detector for microcolumn liquid chromatography

  title={Laser fluorometric detector for microcolumn liquid chromatography},
  author={A. F. Lobazov and Vasili A. Mostovnikov and S. V. Nechaev and B. G. Belen'kii and Jeno J. Kever and E. M. Korolyova and V. G. Mal’tsev},
A fluorescence detector with a helium—cadmium CW laser as an excitation source has been constructed for high-performance liquid chromatography. The parameters of the detector were optimized with respect to the spectral characteristics of 5-dimethylaminonaphthalene-1-sulphonyl (Dns) amino acids. A method for the analysis of such compounds at the level of 10−16 mol has been developed based on microcolumn hydrophobic chromatography with the laser fluorometric detector. The separation of all… CONTINUE READING