Laser flare photometry and complications of chronic uveitis in children.

  title={Laser flare photometry and complications of chronic uveitis in children.},
  author={Janet L. Davis and Leonardo M Dacanay and Gary Holland and Audina M. Berrocal and Michael J Giese and William J Feuer},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={135 6},
PURPOSE To investigate possible relationships between laser flare photometry values, complications of uveitis, and outcomes in children with chronic uveitis. DESIGN Retrospective chart review. METHOD We evaluated patients with active, noninfectious anterior, intermediate, or panuveitis who were 16 years of age or younger and who had laser flare photometry at one of two academic institutions. Complications enumerated at baseline and during follow-up were compared with laser flare photometry… CONTINUE READING
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