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Laser electron acceleration on curved surfaces

  title={Laser electron acceleration on curved surfaces},
  author={Ph. Korneev and Y. Abe and King Fai Farley Law and S G Bochkarev and Shinsuke Fujioka and Sadaoki Kojima and S.-H. Lee and Shouhei Sakata and Kazuki Matsuo and Akitoshi Oshima and A. Morace and Yasunobu Arikawa and Akifumi Yogo and Mitsuo Nakai and Takayoshi Norimatsu and E. d'Humi'eres and J. J. Santos and Kotaro Kondo and Atsushi Sunahara and V. Yu. Bychenkov and S. Yu. Gus'kov and Vladimir T. Tikhonchuk},
  journal={arXiv: Plasma Physics},
Electron acceleration by relativistically intense laser beam propagating along a curved surface allows to split softly the accelerated electron bunch and the laser beam. The presence of a curved surface allows to switch an adiabatic invariant of electrons in the wave instantly leaving the gained energy to the particles. The efficient acceleration is provided by the presence of strong transient quasistationary fields in the interaction region and a long efficient acceleration length. The… 

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