Laser capture microdissection: Big data from small samples.

  title={Laser capture microdissection: Big data from small samples.},
  author={Soma Datta and Lavina Malhotra and R. G. Dickerson and Scott Chaffee and Chandan K. Sen and Sashwati Roy},
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Any tissue is made up of a heterogeneous mix of spatially distributed cell types. In response to any (patho) physiological cue, responses of each cell type in any given tissue may be unique and cannot be homogenized across cell-types and spatial co-ordinates. For example, in response to myocardial infarction, on one hand myocytes and fibroblasts of the heart tissue respond differently. On the other hand, myocytes in the infarct core respond differently compared to those in the peri-infarct zone… CONTINUE READING