Laser beam combining for high-power, high-radiance sources

  title={Laser beam combining for high-power, high-radiance sources},
  author={Tso Yee Fan},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics},
  • T. Fan
  • Published 2005
  • Physics
  • IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
Beam combining of laser arrays with high efficiency and good beam quality for power and radiance (brightness) scaling is a long-standing problem in laser technology. Recently, significant progress has been made using wavelength (spectral) techniques and coherent (phased array) techniques, which has led to the demonstration of beam combining of a large semiconductor diode laser array (100 array elements) with near-diffraction-limited output (M/sup 2//spl sim/1.3) at significant power (35 W… Expand
Coherent beam combining of high-power broad-area laser diode array in CW and pulsed modes
We present experimental results on coherent beam combining from large arrays of high power broad-area semiconductor lasers. Our laser array consists of 47 high-power anti-reflection coated broad-areaExpand
Spectrally Beam-Combined Fiber Lasers for High-Average-Power Applications
Spectrally beam-combined (SBC) laser systems, wherein multiple laser outputs are spectrally multiplexed into a single high-quality beam, are rapidly advancing the power scaling frontier forExpand
High power spectrally beam combined fiber laser with near-diffraction limited beam quality
We describe a three-channel, spectrally beam combined (SBC), 1-&mgr;m fiber laser that features a SBC power combining efficiency of 93%, versatile master-oscillator, power-amplifier (MOPA) fiberExpand
Beam Combination and Control-Andrusyak 2 Fiber laser system with kW-level spectrally-combined output
Beam combining techniques have become an important tool in design of high-power highbrightness laser systems [1]. Maximum power that can be obtained from single high-power amplifiers is usuallyExpand
Beam combining of lasers with high spectral density using volume Bragg gratings
Abstract Incoherent combining of multiple laser beams with offset wavelengths into a single near-diffraction-limited beam is an effective solution to increasing energy brightness and scaling outputExpand
Efficient beam combining with high brightness of a phase-locked laser array
We proposed a novel beam combining technique for coherent laser arrays that uses a conjugate Dammann grating (CDG) and a phase plate. By using this technique, a coherent laser array can be not onlyExpand
Evaluation of the Coherent Combining Lasers Array by the Power in the Bucket of the Main Lobe Method
Coherent combination of laser beam is an important and challenging area of high power laser science. And how to evaluate the high power laser by coherent beam combination is a new research spot.Expand
16 W output power by high-efficient spectral beam combining of DBR-tapered diode lasers.
The principle of spectral beam combining used in these experiments can be expanded to combine more than two tapered diode lasers and hence it is expected that the output power may be increased even further in the future. Expand
Coherent beam combining of high-power tapered amplifiers
We describe the coherent beam combining of three high-power tapered laser amplifiers seeded by a DFB laser at λ = 976 nm, and demonstrate a combined power of 12.9 W in a close to diffraction-limitedExpand
Spectrally beam combined fiber lasers for high power, efficiency, and brightness
  • E. Honea, R. Afzal, +5 authors D. Jander
  • Engineering, Physics
  • Photonics West - Lasers and Applications in Science and Engineering
  • 2013
Spectral Beam Combining (SBC) of fiber lasers provides a simple, robust architecture for power scaling lasers to high power. With appropriate designs, power scaling beyond the single fiber limit canExpand


Coherent laser-beam addition: an application of binary-optics technology
Coherent laser-beam addition offers the potential for extremely bright optical sources by combining the power from many individual lasers. Binary-optical elements - surface - relief structures etchedExpand
Spectral Beam Combining of Fiber Lasers
Spectral beam,with simple structure and easy controlling technique,is a valid method for making laser output with high power and good beam quality.The basic structure and principle of spectral beamExpand
Grating Rhomb Diode Laser Power Combiner
  • P. Minott, J. Abshire
  • Engineering
  • Photonics West - Lasers and Applications in Science and Engineering
  • 1987
A compact device for spectrally combining many laser-diode beams into a single multi-wavelength beam has been developed for use in NASA's intersatellite communications programs. The prototype deviceExpand
Spectral beam combining of a broad-stripe diode laser array in an external cavity.
The outputs from an 11-element, linear diode laser array with broad stripes have been beam combined into a single beam with a beam quality of ~20x diffraction limited in the plane of the junction.Expand
High-power laser source with spectrally beam-combined diode laser bars
Aculight has demonstrated spectral beam combining of four diode laser bars in a single optical cavity; each 1 cm wide diode bar included 200 individual single mode laser emitters. The beam combiningExpand
Laser beam combining and cleanup by stimulated Brillouin scattering in a multimode optical fiber.
A new technique for combining low-power laser beams has been demonstrated by use of semiconductor diode lasers based on stimulated Brillouin scattering in long multimode optical fibers, which produces a clean Gaussian-like beam that corresponds to the fundamental fiber mode. Expand
Theory of spectral beam combining of fiber lasers
We model the spectral beam combining of a fiber laser array in the external resonator configuration, as proposed by V. Daneu et al. A diffraction integral-based approach is used that leads to designExpand
High-power near-diffraction-limited wavelength-beam-combined diode arrays
  • B. Chann, R. Huang, +7 authors G. Turner
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  • (CLEO). Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2005.
  • 2005
We have demonstrated wavelength beam combining of 100-element, 100-mum pitch slab-coupled optical waveguide laser (SCOWL) diode array with 35-W output peak power with M2<1.35 in both directions in aExpand
One dimensional scaling of 100 ridge waveguide amplifiers
We have demonstrated the concept of scaling large numbers of laser diodes to achieve high power with good beam quality. We have achieved a system based on scaling 100 ridge waveguide amplifiers withExpand
High-power wavelength-combined cladding-pumped Tm-doped silica fibre lasers
Results are presented for a wavelength-combined Tm-doped silica fibre system with 11 W output power in the 2 /spl mu/m spectral region and excellent potential for power-scaling via this route owing to a very broad linewidth and relatively high lasing efficiencies. Expand