Laser assisted tunneling in a Tonks–Girardeau gas

  title={Laser assisted tunneling in a Tonks–Girardeau gas},
  author={Karlo Lelas and Nikolina Drpi{\'c} and Tena Dubvcek and Dina Juki{\'c} and Robert Pezer and Hrvoje Buljan},
We investigate the applicability of laser assisted tunneling in a strongly interacting one-dimensional (1D) Bose gas (the Tonks– Girardeau gas) in optical lattices. We find that the stroboscopic dynamics of the Tonks–Girardeau gas in a continuous Wannier–Stark- ladder potential, supplemented with laser assisted tunneling, effectively realizes the ground state of 1D hard-core bosons in a discrete lattice with nontrivial hopping phases. We compare observables that are affected by the interactions… CONTINUE READING