Laser-assisted exfoliation of potassium-ammonia-graphite intercalation compounds

  title={Laser-assisted exfoliation of potassium-ammonia-graphite intercalation compounds},
  author={Yoshikazu Kuga and Toshiyuki Ōyama and Takiko Wakabayashi and Hironobu Chiyoda and Kazuo Takeuchi},
Abstract Potassium-ammonia-graphite intercalation compounds (K-NH 3 -GIC) synthesized from small natural graphite particles from China were rapidly heated by a cw-Nd:YAG laser beam (1.056 μm) in an Ar purge environment to yield exfoliated small graphite particles as sources for electrical conductive films. The laser heating method was demonstrated to be effective for exfoliation of K-NH 3 -GIC prepared from natural graphites in sizes of under 37 μm, 37 ~ 63 μm and 63 ~ 88 μm, whereas no… CONTINUE READING