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Laser Manipulation of H- Beams: a Snowmass 2022 White Paper

  title={Laser Manipulation of H- Beams: a Snowmass 2022 White Paper},
  author={Abdurahim Rakhman},
Future high-power (10 – 20 MW) hadron accelerators offer many unique opportunities for fundamental science and nuclear applications. With the completion of Proton Power Upgrade (PPU) at 2.8 MW [1] and European Spallation Source (ESS) at 5 MW [2], the attention will be focused on the next high-power machine in hadron accelerator community. Charge exchange injection into a synchrotron using diamond stripper foils offers great advantage over direct proton acceleration. However, there are clear… 




Hydrogen ion accelerators, such as CERN’s LINAC4, are increasingly used as the front end of high power proton drivers for high energy physics, spallation neutron sources and other applications.

High efficiency laser-assisted H- charge exchange for microsecond duration beams

Laser-assisted stripping is a novel approach to H- charge exchange that overcomes long-standing limitations associated with the traditional, foil-based method of producing high-intensity,

Low-power proton beam extraction by the bright continuous laser using the 3-MeV negative-hydrogen linac in Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex

ABSTRACT The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has designed a Transmutation Physics Experimental Facility (TEF-P) as an experimental facility in the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex

First Demonstration of Laser-Assisted Charge Exchange for Microsecond Duration H^{-} Beams.

The central theme of this experiment is the demonstration of novel techniques that reduce the laser power requirement to allow high efficiency stripping of microsecond duration beams with commercial laser technology.

Nonintrusive measurement of time-resolved emittances of 1-GeV operational hydrogen ion beam using a laser comb

We proposed and demonstrated a novel technique to measure time-resolved transverse emittances of the hydrogen ion (${\mathrm{H}}^{\ensuremath{-}}$) beam in a 1-GeV high-power accelerator. The

Power enhancement of burst-mode ultraviolet pulses using a doubly resonant optical cavity.

We report a doubly resonant enhancement cavity (DREC) that can realize a simultaneous enhancement of two incoming laser beams at different wavelengths and different temporal structures. The

Laser-assisted charge exchange as an atomic yardstick for proton beam energy measurement and phase probe calibration

Laser-assisted charge exchange (LACE) is a novel scheme for injecting ${H}^{\ensuremath{-}}$ ions into proton rings. Lorentz stripping of ${H}^{\ensuremath{-}}$ ions into bare protons in magnetic

Final Design Report Proton Power Upgrade Project