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Las sombras del mañana

  title={Las sombras del ma{\~n}ana},
  author={Norbert Lechner},
To think by building other possible worlds
| Vol. 18 No. 1 | PP 17 20 | Enero junio 2018 | Medellín, Colombia | ISSN: 1657 8031 | 17 | Abstract It is about a strategy whose core is the use of force to scale, in search of homogenizing social,Expand
Housing as Urbanism: The role of Housing Policies in Reducing Urban Inequalities. A study of post 2006 Housing Programmes in Puente Alto, Chile
This thesis explores the role that housing policies have in reducing inequalities through the production of cities. It emerges from intellectual and political concerns: historically the success ofExpand
Las ciencias sociales en sus construcciones y controversias: Proximidades y vínculos con y desde lo social
Questioning the state of the question related to the social sciences and the relationship to cultural changes, remains a significant challenge if the question is configured by questioning theExpand
Student’s Quality of Life at the University: a Qualitative Study
Since the end of the XX century the university has enlarged its traditional role focused on the production and reproduction of scientific knowledge, thus becoming a social institution, an academicExpand
Communities and Capabilities
The relation between capabilities and communities is a particular relation not very studied and this is the reason of organizing the Special Issue. Traditionally, the capability approach has beenExpand
Media and communicative practices in the quest for the commons : Chile's 2011 student movement
This thesis is an in depth analysis of the communicative and media practices displayed by the Chilean students movement, in 2011, and the way these practices contributed to the building of a commonsExpand
Hacia la configuración de las subjetividades políticas de la Mesa Amplia Nacional Estudiantil (MANE): los jóvenes protagonistas de acción
During 2011, they were held several demonstrations of young people of both public and private universities, against the proposed education reform of Law 30 of 1992 by the government of President JuanExpand
The present article inquires about the ways that we teach research in the programs of Public Accoun- ting in Medellin. The study used a mix method (explanatory and interpretive) taking as primaryExpand
Educational Accountability: High and Low Points of Its Implementation and Challenges for Latin America
This work is intended to propel forward the current discussion regarding the contribution of the educational accountability mechanism to the development of school improvement processes. A literatureExpand