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Las necrópolis tartésicas

  title={Las necr{\'o}polis tart{\'e}sicas},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Bel{\'e}n Deamos},
A database for the aegyptiaca from the Iberian southwest : colonial encounters and the ‘ Mediterranization ’ of the Atlantic Iberian societies
  • Ronaldo G. Gurgel Pereira
  • 2020
This is a preliminary study on the presence of aegyptiaca on the Western coast of the Iberian Peninsula. This article deals with the Egyptian and Egyptianizing material brought to the IberianExpand
RTI and the study of engraved rock art: A re-examination of the Iberian south-western stelae of Setefilla and Almadén de la Plata 2 (Seville, Spain)
This paper describes the application of RTI for the re-examination of two Iberian south-western stelae, Setefilla and Almaden de la Plata 2, whose preserved decoration is engraved, including insights into their manufacturing techniques and later modification. Expand
Fenicios en Tartesos: nuevas perspectivas
This publication offers new perspectives on the Phoenician presence in the Iberian Peninsula. The authors reflect on a number of topics: the diversity of origins and identities of the PhoenicianExpand