• Geography
  • Published 2013

Las listas de distribución como servicio de información: 20 años de InfoDoc

  title={Las listas de distribuci{\'o}n como servicio de informaci{\'o}n: 20 a{\~n}os de InfoDoc},
  author={Julio Alonso-Ar{\'e}valo and Marta V{\'a}zquez-V{\'a}zquez},
Back in 1993, the same year that the web was born, was born InfoDoc. This is the widest distribution list in the number of users in the field of Library and Information Sciences in Spanish developed by the library of the Faculty of Translation and Information Science of the University of Salamanca. This year marks its 20th anniversary and its goal remains the same: to spread information of interest to anyone who wants to keep up on different aspects of their profession.