[Laryngo-tracheo-bronchial foreign bodies in children at the University Hospital Center of Ouagadougou (analysis of 96 cases)].


Over a 10-year period, a series 96 patients were treated for laryngotracheal and bronchial foreign bodies in the ENT department of the Ouagadougou University Hospital Center (Burkina Faso). The purpose of this study was to analyze the epidemioclinical features and therapeutic pitfalls encountered in that series and to propose measures to improve management. The age of patients ranged from 10 months to 14 years. The male-female ratio was 1.7. Anamnesis documented foreign body aspiration was obtained in 77% of cases. The foreign body was organic in 78 cases (81.2%) including vegetal material in 56 cases. Management was delayed due to late diagnosis since only 59.3% of the patients were admitted to the hospital within the 48 first hours. Endoscopic removal was performed in all cases but such procedures remain challenging in developing countries due to a lack of proper anesthetic facilities, skilled personnel and adequate equipment. Tracheostomy was performed in 10.4% of cases mainly in patients with foreign bodies located in larynx. One patient died during extraction. In addition to providing more information and education on prevention of laryngotracheal and bronchial foreign bodies, better management requires better training of medical personnel and improvement of technical facilities.

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